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Project Structure

This project uses the Nx CLI with Yarn 1.x.

This project is built with Nx and follows the OSS project structure. The Getting Started guide shows how to work with Nx workspaces.


After cloning the project, to install the dependencies, run:


To build a plugin, run:

yarn build [plugin]

Run the Unit Tests

Run unit tests for a specific plugin with:

yarn test [plugin]

Run the e2e Tests

Run e2e tests for a specific plugin with:

yarn e2e [plugin]

Test Locally

Create a playground Nx repository:

yarn create-playground

This will create a playground repository inside the Nxext repository directory. You'll find it here:


It is a regular Nx repository and you're able to do everything like create projects and libraries.

To update the playground with changes on the plugins without rebuilding a new playground, run:

yarn update-playground

Happy coding :-)