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Overview of Nxext React

The Nxext Plugin for React contains generators for managing React applications and libraries within an Nx workspace . It provides:

  • Vite alterntive to webpack (@nx/web)
  • Quicker and smaller builds

Adding the React plugin

Adding the React plugin to a workspace can be done with the following:

yarn add -D @nxext/react
npm install -D @nxext/react

Warning: unlike the webpack version provided by NX. Our vite builds does not support images as components. Instead when you import images import logo from 'logo.svg you will get the image URL to be used inside of the image tag <img src={logo}/>

Executors / Builders

Our React applications are built using the executors from the @nxext/vite plugin.

MIT Licensed | Copyright © 2020-present Nxext Developers & Contributors