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Ionic App

You're able to generate a StencilJs and Capacitor based mobile app.

This schematic also executes the Init schematic

After that build it and follow the given instructions to add capacitors platform platforms. (look here for the nx capacitor plugin documentation.)


nx g @nxext/stencil:ionic-app my-app



Default: Tabs

Possible values: Tabs

Type: enum

Possible Ionic app starter


Alias(es): t

Type: string

Add tags to the project (used for linting)


Alias(es): d

Type: string

A directory where the project is placed


Default: cypress

Possible values: cypress, none

Type: enum

Adds the specified e2e test runner.


Default: css

Possible values: css, scss, styl, less, pcss

Type: list

The file extension to be used for style files.


Default: false

Type: boolean