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Custom rollup config

The build option rollupConfig takes the path to a function which takes a rollup config and SvelteBuildOptions object and returns an updated rollup configuration. This allows to update the default rollup configuration and to add or remove plugins.

module.exports = (config, options) => {

  const production =;
  const predefinedPluginsToExclude = ['svelte'];

  config.output.file = 'some/output/path/file.js'
  let filteredPredefinedPlugins = config.plugins.filter(plugin => !predefinedPluginsToExclude.includes(plugin?.name));

  let myPlugins = [
      preprocess: sveltePreprocess({ sourceMap: !production }),
      compilerOptions: {
        dev: !production,
        customElement: true
  return {
    plugins: myPlugins,